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E2E Academy is fully involved in providing
“education to entrepreneur” pieces of training.

We created the programs:
1.to empower the individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to improve their financial well-being;
2.to instill financial good habits;
3.to build solid positive financial attitude;
4.to build human talents, foster creativity behaviour;
5.to teach the children important life skills.

That is why we design training programs together with:

We aspire to make our financial education & entrepreneur programs accessible to kids all over the world to help equip future leaders with 21st-century skills.


Parent-child first money lesson

It is a parent-child interactive course where:

• parent and children learn basic financial education lesson together.

• it is a pocket money system that helps children learn about spending, saving, sharing. Whereas, parents learn how to educate, execute & examine.


Children Financial Literacy Training Lab

Octopia focuses on sharpening financial skills and practicing good money habits. Each training enables participants to learn about monetary management through employment, letting them acquire goods and services as customers, saving into bank accounts, investing long term, paying taxes and giving back to the community through donations.The ultimate aim is to help our children to build a positive money mindset.


Children Entrepreneur Learning Lab

Youthopia supports learning goals of financial literacy by contributing to a child’s understanding of the economic cycle. Our entrepreneurship programs allow kids to explore entrepreneurship, business concepts and ideas and learn the essential life and career skills through a series of interactive trainings. The pieces of training will enable the children to get exposed to different types of businesses by connecting them with corporate, industrial leaders, and professionals in developing the children's essential skills.

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