Children Financial Literacy Training Lab
Knowledge is power but knowledge without action can be useless

Knowledge is power but knowledge without action can be useless. It was apparent to all that even adults cannot manage money well despite being given money knowledge.

Octopia Children Financial Literacy Training Lab

Octopia Children Financial Literacy Training Lab is designed to allow the children to practice money good habits in order to inculcate positive financial behaviour. This program is designed with kid-friendly, hands-on activities with DIY tools, and with experiential ways by experienced financial education teachers working closely with certified financial advisors and educational counselors.

Practice makes perfect

Practice makes perfect. Good habits are the compound interest of self-improvement. The pieces of training focus on sharpening financial skills and practicing good money habits. The ultimate aim is to help our children to build a positive money mindset.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is not focused only on money but also on self-cultivation, morality, and the importance of sharing and giving back to society. We educate children to avoid becoming a “Scrooge” or “Stingy", and even become an "Unscrupulous" person who will do whatever acts just for money!

This enrichment process will equip our children to have responsible financial behavior and healthy attitudes towards financial management before they start their working life. This is an advantage for them as it probably will be too late for them to start practicing financial management by the time they receiving their first paycheck!

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